Until recently, alarm systems and cameras were either locally monitored, do it yourself systems that were self monitored, or professional level systems that were monitored by a manned monitoring station. That meant that end users needed to choose between a DIY level system or a pro monitored pro level system. Pro level security systems include brands like DSC, 2Gig, Qolsys or Honeywell.

Many of these brands use Alarm.com to provide communication, control and automation functionality. Alarm.com also provides access to wellness monitoring, GPS tracking and cellular sensor monitoring.

So what if a user wants a pro level system that they can install themselves, and wants to self monitor using Alarm.com? Canadian customers should head over to www.alarms247.ca where they offer self monitoring packages for Qolsys, DSC, 2Gig as well as GPS tracking services direct to end users, allowing them to maintain control and not be locked out of the system by an installer. It also means they are providing their own action in case of an alarm of course.