A. Channel selection: The MURS Alert transmitter is capable of transmitting on any of
the 5 MURS channels. To select the proper channel, locate SW1 (#1 in image) and set it to
the appropriate channel.

B. Sub Channel (CTCSS) selection: To select the proper CTCSS, locate SW2 (#2 in image)
and SW3 (#3 in image). SW2 is labeled 0-3, SW3 is labeled 0-9. SW2 represents the first
digit in the CTCSS and SW3 represents the second digit in the CTCSS. For example, for
the CTCSS to be set at 38, SW2 must be at 3 and SW3 must be set at 8. There are 38 different
CTCSS combinations. The CTCSS must be set between 01-38.

NOTE: Matching the sub-channel on the transmitter and receiver is important. The system will not work properly if ONLY the channels are matched.

MURS Transmitter Board
MURS Transmitter Board – Channel Selection