This is a very, very common inquiry. You have two options for this, one is to use the Xlink Cellular Gateway – – (which means leaving your cell phone at the cabin) the other option is to use a “Cellular Terminal” such as the Telular – – in which case all you would need to have is an additional SIM card to put in the terminal.

So your two options for having an active phone jack at a location without a land line are:

XLINK Cellular Gateway – Inexpensive, but requires an active Cell Phone with Bluetooth to be left at the location and relies on a wireless Blue Tooth connection can drop.

Telular or Globesurfer Cellular Terminals – More expensive, but do not require a cell phone, only an active SIM Card. They also have battery backup (Telular) and there is no Blue Tooth connection required.

With any of the above devices you could use any Freeze Alarm you like, the Intermediate model – – is our most popular.