We have several steps to follow to try and stop a Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 system from ‘false’ alarming or trouble shooting where the problem may lie.

1. Check and replace the 9V battery. False alerts are almost always a symptom of low battery power.
2.  Switch the sensitivity (labelled as ‘range’ on the jumpers) to ‘low’ and see if that stops the false alarms. If it does, there’s something out there causing the alerts.
3. Try bring the sensor inside, placing it in a closet, facing the wall. See if that stops the false alarms. If it does, then you know there is something outside causing the alerts.
4. Remove the battery from the sensor and see if the chime stops false alarming (at this point if the chime continues to false alarm it’s either faulty or there is a neighbor on the same channel).
At this point you should have the problem narrowed down to either an environmental (out of your control) problem, or an actual issue with the sensor or receiver.