Often this is the case, but it’s also important to consider whether you need the most expensive system.
The best example of this is with our wireless driveway alarm systems, the MURS units are generally the most expensive and have by far the longest wireless range.

However in terms of reliability, sophistication etc. they are really no better or worse than any other wireless driveway alarm systems, the wireless range is the only real advantage. The downside is that with that transmission power the battery life suffers, so in reality a typical user with a 1500 foot driveway is much better off with a less expensive driveway alarm with better battery life as it will perform just as well as the MURS unit would have in their application and the user will experience lower operating costs.

Similar to buying a Hummer as commuter vehicle, it looks cool but the Civic will still get you there just as quickly and cost less to do it.